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Conditions of Sales with our Puppies                        Back


Taking on a puppy/dog is a life long commitment. As responsible breeders we take responsibility for every dog we breed for life.                    All our puppies leave with a contract that must be adhered too. Should any person who purchases a puppy from us find at any time in           that dogs life that they are not able to keep the dog we must be notified and  we will always take the dog back.

Below are listed some of  our other conditions when selling a puppy: 

  • All prospective owners will be vetted as to suitability. 
  • In the case of someone who has not owned a Cairn Terrier before we will point out the breeds good and bad traits to make sure        this really is the breed for you.
  • We do not sell puppies for breeding and part of our contract states you may not breed from your puppy or allow                                  a male be used at stud.
  • All our puppies are Irish Kennel Club registered. 
  • All puppies leave with a diet and advice sheet plus food . 
  • No puppies leave until they are at least 10 - 12 weeks old. 
  • All puppies will have been wormed and vaccinated before leaving for their new home and the advice sheet advises on further treatments. 
  • All puppies are microchipped
  • All puppies are liver shunt tested

Other things to remember. . . . 

Cairn puppies are very cute but you must remember they are still very much a Terrier! 

If you are a keen gardener is it going to bother you when your puppy or adult digs a hole(sometimes crater!) in your lawn or flower beds?       If so a cairn is not for you.

Also there are certain types of plants and bulbs which are very toxic to dogs and can be fatal if eaten by your dog are you prepared           to either remove these from your garden or fence them off  so your dog cannot gain access to them?  If not then do not get a dog as         if  the dog eats those plants it will be a slow painful death.

Also Cairns can be great escape artists! is your garden secure? if a Cairns can get its head through a hole the rest will usually follow. 

How houseproud are you? 

Cairns need regular and thorough grooming it does not take long five to ten minutes every day will keep the coat in good condition it             is essential you groom the  coat  or it will become matted this is uncomfortable for a dog and can cause  skin irritation . If this is             going to be a problem for you then the cairn is not for you.


We recommend that you read the articles on house training and bringing your dog home from the above site.  All training  is reward based training

as I have said elsewhere on this site cairns are sensitive and do not respond to harsh correction but they will do anything for a reward. 





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