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The Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland was founded in May 1928 in Foxrock, Dublin by Lady De Courcy-Wheeler  There also existed The Cairn Terrier Club so the members decided to call the new club the "Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland" (CTAI). It is the only remaining club representing the Cairn Terrier affiliated to the Irish Kennel Club.  The Association is the oldest existing Cairn Club in Ireland and one of the oldest in Europe. The first recorded  meeting of members of the  Association  was held at Carrickbyrne, Foxrock on May 2nd 1928.  Some of the founder members of this club still hold a place today in the history of the Cairn Terrier and in the history of Ireland. A Cairn of Character


The Joint President was Baroness Burton formally Nellie Lisa Bass who inherited Rangemore Hall and the title of  Baroness Burton after the death of her father, Lord Burton in 1909. For 70 years Baroness Burton divided her time  between Rangemore Hall and her two Scottish homes. The Baroness moved to Needwood House, still on the estate just one mile from Rangemore Hall. She still travelled to her Scotland homes, always taking her beloved Cairn Terrierswith her.  She exhibited cairns before they were called by that name and her standards of a good cairn was printed in the Cairn Terrier Association Year Book.

Another of the joint presidents was the Honorable Mrs. Ernest Guinness wife of the Honorable Arthur Earnest Guinness
one of Irelands well renowned families.
Mrs. Alastair Campbell The Vice President was none other than  Mrs. Alastair Campbell who was a founder of the breed and exhibited the first Cairn  Terrier at the Inverness Show in 1909.  It was then described as a short haired Skye Terrier. The specimens shown there were of various colours, including black, but otherwise conformed generally to the type we know today. In fact the first seven cairns registered as Prick Eared Sky Terriers were  registered in her name. She was the first secretary of the Cairn Terrier Club and she judged the first show at which championship status was granted.  She bred the first Cairn bitch to win a challenge certificate in the UK "Firring Flora" and owned the first  UK champion dog "Ch Gesto".

At the second meeting of the Association All Breeders & Exhibitors of the English Cairn Terrier Club were proposed and accepted as members .

The Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland was on its way and members and lovers of the breed owe a lot to these wonderful people who had a great love of the breed and have left us a legacy to love and cherish.



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