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Health and Feeding Requirements

When getting a puppy form a breeder ensure you get a feeding programme for your puppy.  Most good breeders will automatically supply a feeding                regime and will give you a list of good brands of dog food.  This list can differ greatly from country to country depending on what food is readily         available.  There is no point in buying a food that is not readily available as switching dog foods can upset a dogís stomach.   Discuss health problems           and ask for advices remember The Cairn Terrier is a basically healthy dog, and frequently lives 14 to 15 years or more if he is cared for and kept fit                  and active and not over fed.  If you have any problems contact your breeder a good breeder loves to get feed back on their pups and are always             willing to help no matter what.

Selecting a Breeder

If you have decided to get  a Cairn terrier if you contact The Cairn Terrier Association the secretary will let you know of any puppies that are available         but you must be prepared to wait.  A properly reared and socialised puppy from a conscientious breeder will be worth the effort you will need to find         him/her.  The early weeks of a puppies life are very important it is crucial that he has been reared properly,  he must be used to being handled, he must         used to house noises and he has had to been fed well with a good quality puppy food with all the right nutrients and viatmins.   Be prepared to answer questions from a breeder as they have put a lot of time and effort into rearing their litter and they want the best for their puppy they will want to know as 

much if not more about you than you want to know abut their puppies.  While this might seem intrusive remember that it is being asked with the puppies welfare in mind and that you have found a concerned breeder.

Visit and see where your puppy was raised and in many cases several generations of his ancestors. Be sure to spend time with these older dogs before

you begin to look at the puppies. Their personality and appearance is a good indicator of how the puppies will mature. Adult Cairns should also appear        healthy, clean and reasonably well groomed.

When you choose a puppy from a responsible breeder, you will have someone to call on for advice and assistance in all aspects of puppy care and            rearing. A good breeder's commitment to his puppies is lifelong, and he or she will welcome your questions, now and for the life of your Cairn.



Please do not support puppy farms 

Never ever arrange to meet at the side of the road and if you can not see the adults walk away.  If their are numerous different breeds 

of dogs and numerous litters of puppies walk away a lot of people think they are rescuing a puppy by buying it from a bad situation the 

opposite is in fact true as you are just lining the pockets of the puppy farmer and as long as their is demand they will keep producing. 

A lot of these puppies can end up with behavioual problems due to not being socialised handled and receiving the proper care in their 

formative first weeks it can takes months and years to teach them to adjust to normal life.  


If you watch the RSPCA video you will also learn that a lot of these puppies are sick and owners end up with either a dead or very

expensive vet bills.  A cheap puppy bought over the internet or from a pet shop can end up costing you hundreds in vet bills and worse still 

you can have a puppy die.


I foolishly bougth a puppy like this as I felt sorry for him and could not leave him behind it was a costly heartbreaking decision I spent over 2000 pounds in vet bills and lost him at two years of age.  My regret is that I bought into the industry and I will never make the same 

mistake again. Faro will never be forgotten and if I can stop one other person going through that heartbreak his short life will not have been 

in vain.


Please look at these link but be warned it is not nice and it is no life for a dog to live.

Even though the farms looks clean on the first video watch the interaction of the pups and remember they knew the film crew were coming.




Maintaining the Cairn's shaggy appearance is not difficult. An hour or so of grooming each week will keep his coat in good condition.  But it is better                if  you can especially with a young puppy to groom for a few minutes a day.  Always remember that puppies get bored easily and you do not want them            to think  that grooming is a chore to be endured rather than a pleasure.   Cairn puppies do not need much grooming the purpose for grooming them is                to get them accustomed to it so that as an adult they are more at ease.

Shedding is minimal if the dog is thoroughly brushed and combed weekly, and infrequently bathed.

If you are thinking of showing your cairn go along to shows and speak to show people ask for advice on grooming and stand and watch it is the best         lesson you will ever get.  Speak to the Secretary of the Club or Association if they are there they are always willing to help.  Do not think exhibitors                  are being rude if they are getting dogs ready for the ring and are too busy to talk they will tell you that they are busy and will talk later just stand                  back and watch they will speak to you afterwards.  Preparation for the show ring is comparatively simple


Pet or Show

One of the questions you will be asked by a reputable breeder is whether you wish to show or breed your puppy. A young puppy can have "show       potential" but cannot be guaranteed show quality. If you will be unhappy if the puppy does not turn out to be a successful show dog, you should           consider an older puppy. Between the ages of 6 and 12 months a breeder can determine if a puppy will measure up to the Standard.

Most people know they want a pet and it is amazing the amount of times a breeder is told but I only want a pet why should I pay that for a pet when I         can get one cheaper from a not reputable breeder or pet store.  There are many valid reason for going to a reputable breeder as they are breeding for the         show ring.  A puppy being bred for the show ring as opposed to just a puppy being bred as pets always remember a litter being bred for show must               have the following they must be stable in temperament as throughout their show life they will have different people go over them and that requires a good temperament.  The pet puppy also needs this as remember he is going to be part of your family.  The show cairn is also bred to be friendly and healthy.         So a puppy out of show parents has an excellent chance of having these qualities.  Reputable breeders will carry out health checks on their puppies and 

these are crucial with any. puppy   While the pet puppy may not have all the virtues of being a show dog he may fall short in some small way or perhaps          it may be a case that the breeder wants the opposite sex out of this litter so in fact you may be buying a dog with all the qualities of being a show dog or      even if your puppy fall short of being a show dog the chances are you would not even know what the fault was if you did not ask. This pet puppy has the   same parentís the same prenatal care, the same environment and the same early socialisation, which is ever so important as the one, the breeder will later     take into the ring. He will be a dog others will admire and one that you can take pride in owning.

Male or Female

Fifty years ago when females were not routinely spayed, males were considered more desirable. Few families wanted females. "all those male dogs         hanging around twice a year!" etc. Then spaying became routine, and now most people think a female is the better choice. Actually, both make equally satisfactory pets. A neutered male does not "mark" inside or out if he is neutered at the appropriate age, nor does he exhibit other undesirable      characteristics many associate with male dogs. Many Cairn breeders feel the male is more affectionate. The females tend to be a bit more independent.    Some  repuatable breeders will expect you to spay or neuter your pet Cairn, both as a preventive health procedure and to prevent future breeding or they     will put a breeding agreement on the contract of sale of a puppy.

Which Puppy

When you find a breeder you respect and have a good relationship with i.e. make sure you can talk to your breeder and they will spend time answering 

your questions but also realise they might be busy and if they ask you to ring back they are not being rude, it may be the puppies feeding time and that to 

the responsible breeder is more important than anything else. Spend time discussing your family and your lifestyle, and then trust your breeder to pick a  

 puppy for you.   Always be honest with the breeder as remember that is the person who if you have a problem you are going to rely on for help.  Also          the breeder has spent weeks or months with the puppies and knows their personality and temperament. The reputable breeder wants you to have the       puppy that best suits you, and with which you will be happy. If you aren't happy the breeder knows the puppy won't be happy, either. And the puppies happiness is their utmost concern (Most reputable breeders require unwanted puppies be returned to them.)

Good breeders do not sell puppies younger than 8 weeks of age, and many will not sell a puppy under 12 weeks, or even older, depending on the new owner's living arrangements and lifestyle. If your breeder suggests that an older puppy or even a young adult would be better for you, keep an open           mind and consider the possibility. People who are away from home for eight hours or more a day are not ideally suited to raising a very young puppy.           Breeders sometimes have puppies that are older. six, eight, or ten months. These have often kept by the breeder as potential show prospects.                  These older puppies will be housetrained much sooner than a very young puppy. If they have been socialized, they may be the ideal choice for                          a working family. In some circumstances an adult dog, possibly already housetrained, may be available. Cairns are very adaptable to new                       circumstances and quickly make themselves part of their new family, enabling those who could not raise a puppy to have the company of a Cairn.



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