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Breed History

Of all the terrier breeds of Scotland the Cairn has been the least affected by becoming a show dog all through the breeds history since it was officially recognised as separate breed by the Kennel Club in 1912, its fanciers have resisted all attempts to change it or allow it to be trimmed in a formal or stylized fashion. By a curios twist of fate and despite the fact that it is almost certainly the closest in type to the original Highland terrier that was to found from time immemorial all over the Highlands & Islands of West of Scotland the Cairn was the Last of them all to receive official recognition. It is known that these "earth dogs" were recorded in Argyllshire in the sixteenth Century. Much of the early history of the Cairn Terrier like that of the Skye Terrier centers on the Island of Skye. in fact both breeds claim that their roots lie with the same families & estates, Drynock, Roseneath and mogstads, and Roseneath features prominently in early West Highland White Terriers. But most modern Cairns descended from the lines based on Skye.

In the struggle for recognition of the breed with the Kennel Club much acrimonious correspondence and many meetings were held between the parties involved namely Skye, Scottish and West Highland devotees. Failing to satisfy all parties the Kennel Club ruled that each variety be given a separate name and a separate register, but it was not until twelve years after the recognition of the Cairn Terrier in 1924, that it was finally ruled that cross - breeding between Cairn's and West Highland White Terrier's be disallowed up to this time white puppies in Cairn litters could be registered as West Highland White Terriers and coloured puppies in Westie litters as Cairns.

In 1914 there were seven classes with C.C's at Cruft's & sixty four entries. The breed was on it's way to worldwide popularity.

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